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What Is Full Form Of HDD | HDD Full Form -

HDD Is an Electro - Magnetic Storage Device . Also Known as Secondary or Permanent Memory Of Computer . It Is used To Store All small and big files into the computer . HDD or Hard Disk Is Different From RAM  in nature Because HDD Non Volatile In nature to Compare RAM . HDD Was Introduced By IBM In 1956.

HDD Full Form

Non Volatile Means When Is Power off There is No Loss of  Data  In HDD.  There is a disk in the hard disk inside, Data Storage Depends On the faster the Moving Of disk .
. We measure the speed of the hard disk moving in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). Most hard disks are 5400 rpm or 7200 RPM, obviously 7200 RPM. hard disk is faster than 5400 RPM.

HDD Records data by magnetizing a ferromagnetic material directionally to represent either 0 or 1 binary digit.

HDD Full Form / Full Form of HDD -

HDD Stands For Hard Disk Drive . HDD Full Form Is Hard Disk Drive.

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Some Important Information Related To HDD -

  • Introduced By : IBM in 1956.
  • Storage Type : Permanent Memory / Secondary Memory.
  • Nature Type : Non Volatile.
HDD Access Interface -
  • IDE - Integrated Drive Electronics.
  • SATA - Serial ATA.
  • ESDI - Enhanced Small Disk Interface.
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