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MAN Full Form | What Is Full Form of MAN | What Is MAN -

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MAN Full Form / What Is Full Form Of MAN -

MAN Stands For Metropolitan Area Network . MAN Full Form Is Metropolitan Area Network.

M    Metropolitan.
A   → Area.
N   → Network.

MAN Full Form

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What Is MAN / About MAN -

MAN or Metropolitan Area Network is a big network compare to  LAN  And is smaller than the WAN Network. The number of schools, colleges or offices in a city  networks are connected With MAN.  It is used to connect a lot of LAN's to create a larger network.

It connects with more than 2 or more Local Area Networks. Its speed May Be 10 MB to 100 MB, MAN Network Can Cover 10 KM to 100 KM Distance . Cable TV Network is a good example of MAN using LAN to LAN Connect.

If a Group Of LAN Connected In a Office or Collage This Type of Network Known As CAN Campus Area Network.

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