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What is Full Form of E-mail | Email Full Form | What is Email - Check Full Form Now

What is full form of E-Mail ? , E-Mail Full Form ? How Email Works ?  Are Searching Answers of These  Question's  ? , So You are at right Place ! Here we are Giving Complete Information Regarding These Question's . So Read This Article to Know Them.

email full form

What Is Full Form Of E-Mail / E-mail Full Form - 

Email Stands For Electronic Mail. E-Mail Full Form is Electronic Mail.

What is E-Mail ?

E-Mail - Electronic Mail is one of the most Popular Service on The Internet to Send The Electronic Formatted Messages Written In The Human Readable Like English or Other Language (That's Can Be Understood By Human ) From one Destination Place To other Destination Place in all Over World.

Its Provide The Ability To distribute Information to large number of People Virtually at Lowest Price To Compare Physically distribution Of Information From One destination Place to other Destination Place.

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What is E-Mail Address ?

Email address Consist Two Parts -
  1. User Name : In Same Domain It is Unique For Every E - Mail User  . Users Can Create This According to Choice if available.
  2. Domain name: Domain name is specific to every email user for a specific email provider such as Gmail, Email, Hotmail, etc.
These two parts "divided by rate" (@) symbol The @ symbol was developed by Tomlinson in 1972.
These Two Parts Divided By "at the rate" (@) Symbol. @ Symbol Was developed by Tomlinson in 1972.

Example Of E-Mail Address - ,

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