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What is Computer | Computer Full Form | How Computer Works -

What is full form of Computer ? Meaning & Definition of Computer , Computer Full Form , What is Abbreviation of Computer ? Are Searching Answers of These  Question's So You are at right Place ! Here we are Giving Complete Information Regarding These Question's . So Read This Article to Know Them.

Computer Full Form

What Is Full Form Of Computer - 

Computer Full Form : Computer Stands For Common Operating Machine Particularly Used For Technology Education & Research.

What Is Computer -

A Computer Is an Electronic Device That helps in Arithmetic And Logical Calculations. The Computer is a machine or device that processes, operation and calculates based on the instructions provided by the software or hardware program. It is designed to execute applications and provides a variety of solutions by adding integrated hardware and software components.

Definition Of Computer -

Computer is An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.

How Computer Works ? -

Computer Works on the Principle of Input - Processing - Output. When a user gives an input to the computer, then the computer calculates using the set of programs and returns the output to the user. 

We will understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose a user gave any input to the computer - like 10 + 12 =? Now what the computer will do will use the set of program i.e. 10 and 12 will add and 22 will give output to the user. After giving input and what the computer does in the middle of the output is called processing.

The Input data is saved in the computer's RAM at the time of processing. This is the Temporary memory of the computer. The data remains in storage for a while, if the power is off during processing, the input data is lost.

Parts of Computer -

The computer has the following main parts -

  • Input Device : The device through which the user Provides Input to the  computer is called an input device. Such as keyboards, scanners etc.
  • Output Device : The device through which the computer provides output to the user is called the output device such as Monitor (computer display), printer etc.
  • Computer Memory : There is a computer memory Storage device in which Computer Programs, Instructions, Data are saved . it is of two types - Primary Memory and Secondary Memory.

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